Assessment on species diversity of fishes in Buguey Lagoon, Cagayan, Northern Philippines

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Research Paper 17/03/2024
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Assessment on species diversity of fishes in Buguey Lagoon, Cagayan, Northern Philippines

Quirino G. Pascua
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 3), 135-141, March 2024.
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The diversity of fishes along Buguey Lagoon remains underrepresented in research and conservation efforts. This study generally aimed to assess the diversity and document the species richness of fishes. Specifically, the study was conducted to determine diversity indices, IUCN status, and to generate a database for policy formulation towards the conservation of species and its management. Results of the study showed significant differences in fish diversity index in terms of Shannon–Weinner index, Simpson’s Reciprocal Index (1/D), Margalef’s diversity index (d), and Berger-Parker dominance index (D), Sorensen’s similarity index (Cs) at (p<0.05) only Pielou’s measures of evenness (J) has no significant difference in the (3) sampling stations. Furthermore, significant differences were observed between sampling stations for Margalef’s diversity index (d) and Sorensen’s similarity index (Cs) at (p<0.05) on the diversity of fishes and only one (1) similar species can be found between sites. Furthermore, in IUCN Red List assessments on finfish species, 78.5% identified appeared to be of least concern, data deficient and not evaluated while only 45% of the species appeared to have data on Length at maturity. The results of this study served as a basis for policy formulation towards the sustainable management of resources along Buguey Lagoon.


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