Attitude Tehran province expert toward role of biotechnology in improving food security

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Research Paper 01/05/2014
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Attitude Tehran province expert toward role of biotechnology in improving food security

Farhad Lashgarara, Parvaneh Mohitabadi, Jamal Farajallah Hosseini
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 5), 16-24, May 2014.
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Nowadays, providing the food needs is one of the fundamental problems, as food security has become one of the governmental priorities. According to the current food insecurity and using biotechnology to produce inexpensive, healthy, and abundant food, the essentiality of this study is justified. This study was aimed at evaluating the attitude of Tehran province’s experts toward the role of biotechnology in food security improvement. Results showed that the households` food security status is inappropriate. Results indicated that most of the respondents (57.3 percent) stated that the biotechnological requirements are highly effective for the food security improvement. In addition, according to the biologists, professional and efficient experts, participation and investment of the public and private sectors and government encouragements of the biotechnological products` producers play the main role in Tehran province’s food security improvement. Also, regression analysis showed that the biotechnological requirements explained about 9.1 percent of the variance of the households` food security.


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