Awareness about traffic-related air pollution among street vendors of Iligan City

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Research Paper 01/08/2018
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Awareness about traffic-related air pollution among street vendors of Iligan City

Bea Gavrielle N. Gerodias, Lucilyn L. Maratas
J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 2), 150-155, August 2018.
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Street vending is considered as a major sector in the self-employment category. Street vendors are at most risk to traffic-related air pollutants such as the exhaust and traffic fumes from the passing vehicles. There has been mounting evidences suggesting that air pollution contributes to the large global burden of respiratory and allergic diseases. This study evaluates the knowledge, awareness and attitudes of 52 street vendors towards air pollution by means of question-guided interviews. Forty-three respondents (82.69%) claimed to be aware of pollution in general and 46 (88.46%) reported to be aware of air pollution specifically; perceiving air pollution to be harmful to the environment and health (78.26%), pointing out exhaust from motor vehicles to be the number cause of air pollution (76.09%) and believes that air pollution causes infection and inflammation in the respiratory tract (75%). Thirty-seven individuals believed that air pollution can still be resolved (p=0.00003653).


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