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Biodiversity of an important wetland of River Satluj at Suleimanki headworks (Pakistan) with special reference to Ichthyo-fauna

Research Paper | November 1, 2017

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Qazi Adnan Ahmad, Muhammad Ali, Rehana Iqbal, Farhat Jabeen, Muhammad Abrar, Shamsa Altaf, Sarfraz Hussain

Key Words:

J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 5), 351-355, November 2017


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The present work reflected the ichthyo-faunal diversity and checklist at Suleimanki Headworks, located on the River Satluj in Punjab province of Pakistan. Both direct and indirect methods were applied to gather the fish species data. From the current work it was considered that an increase in the anthropogenic activities, illegal fishing, reduced water flow and lack of inter departmental cooperation among very stakeholders; causing the fish fauna in declining. If the relevant and prompt fish conservation steps would not adopted to conserve the ichthyofaunal diversity, it will result in the endangering of fish fauna in the river Satluj at Suleimanki Headworks.


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Biodiversity of an important wetland of River Satluj at Suleimanki headworks (Pakistan) with special reference to Ichthyo-fauna

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