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Biodiversity of angiosperms at Kalagonoy, Gingoog City, Philippines

Research Paper | May 1, 2021

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Ma Karina Glenn B Ada, Fe Dela Cruz

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.18( 5), 65-70, May 2021


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Angiosperms serve a very vital role in our ecology. Considered to be the ultimate source of food for birds and mammals, including humans, these flowering plants are the most economically important group of green plants, serving as a source of pharmaceuticals, fibre products, timber, ornamentals, and other commercial products. This largest and most diverse group within kingdom Plantae, represents approximately 80 percent of all the known green plants now living. The objectives of this study were to determine the level of biodiversity of angiosperms found at the study area. It attempted to identify the endemic floral species and consequently identify floral species of medicinal importance. The study area was at Barangay Kalagonoy, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. Kalagonoy is estimated at 1,148.9 meters or 3,769.3 feet above sea level where 10.71 percent of the plants found are Cerastostylis cf latipetala, with six (6) individual species being recorded. Applying Shannon- Wiener Diversity Index (H), 21 individual species were found and considered endemic namely: Calamus sp., Pinanga philippinensis, Rhododendron nortaniae, Rhododendron javanicum (Blume) Benn. In, Medinilla banahensis Elmer, Medinilla cfclementis, Medinilla cumingii Naudin, Medinilla quadrifolia Blume, Nepenthes cf mirabilis (Lour.) Druce, Appendicula sp. Bulbophyllum sp., Cerastostylis cflatipetala, Dendrobium sp., Dendrochilum sp., cf Octarrhena sp., cf Discopermum sp., Psychotria banahaensis, Urophyllum memecyloides, Smilax sp., Gomphandra flavirpa and Zingiber sp. Out of the 21 individual endemic species, one (1) considered near threatened, one (1) considered critically endangered and six (6) were considered endangered. Also found were 10 plant species with medicinal values.


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Biodiversity of angiosperms at Kalagonoy, Gingoog City, Philippines

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