Biophysical factors influencing the Height and Diameter structures of Falcata (Falcataria falcata (L.) Greuter & R. Rankin) in Agusan del Norte, Philippines

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Research Paper 18/03/2024
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Biophysical factors influencing the Height and Diameter structures of Falcata (Falcataria falcata (L.) Greuter & R. Rankin) in Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Cornelio S. Casilac Jr., Adrian M. Tulod
Int. J. Biosci.24( 3), 202-211, March 2024.
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This study aims to support private tree farmers in making knowledgeable management decisions in their falcata plantation. The effect of biophysical factors on the height and diameter structures of 6-year-old Falcata (Falcataria falcata) at various elevations (0-200 m asl, 201-400 m asl, and 401-600 m asl) in Agusan was investigated in this study. Fifteen (15) 20 m x 20 m plots were created at each sampling site a total of 45 plots were established. In this study, the height and diameter structures of 6-year-old falcata were measured and analyzed. Results indicate that elevation, temperature, relative humidity, and soil potassium are key factors influencing the height and diameter structures of 6-year-old falcata trees. The mean height and diameter were highest in the middle elevation, or within 201-400 m asl, and lowest in the higher elevation, or 401-600 m asl. The temperature has a negative and significant relationship with the height and diameter structures of 6-year-old falcata, and tree spacing had a negative relationship with height.


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