Biosynthesis of invertase by Penicillium chrysogenum using solid state fermentation technique

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Research Paper 01/12/2016
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Biosynthesis of invertase by Penicillium chrysogenum using solid state fermentation technique

Shazia Malik, Tehreema Iftikhar, Asad Abbas, Hammad Majeed, Roheena Abdullah
Int. J. Biosci.9( 6), 330-337, December 2016.
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Invertases are the enzymes which hydrolyze sucrose into D-glucose and D- fructose. The hydrolyzed products are the commercial carbohydrates. Invertases are of great industrial importance due to its applications in the cosmetics, feeding of the animals, detoxifying process of cassava, modification of natural polymers, synthesizing the organic chemicals, for decolorization of the ink from the paper to be recycled and the process for the wet grain milling. The present study is concerned with production of invertase from locally isolated Penicillium chrysogenum. The maximum production of invertase (11.97+0.03 U/ml/min)  was obtained at incubation temperature of 50ºC growing on 10g of wheat bran after 72h of incubation when 1m of spore inoculum was used at pH 5 and 10 ml of the acetate buffer as moistening agent.


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