Bryophyte Flora of Kalikasan Park, Albay, Philippines

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Research Paper 01/08/2019
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Bryophyte Flora of Kalikasan Park, Albay, Philippines

Daile Meek Salvador-Membreve, Erwin N. Baňares, Jonathan Jaime G. Guerrero
J. Bio. Env. Sci.15( 2), 1-6, August 2019.
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Bryophytes are nonvascular plants that have ecological and medicinal value. The present study assessed the diversity and ecological status of bryophytes flora in Kalikasan Park, Albay. Sampling plots were established based on the dominant vegetation types in the Park. Collections were made in 20 x 20m in the sampling plots. A total of eight species (8) with five (5) mosses and three (3) species of liverworts were collected in all sampling areas. Microhabitats observed in the study were decayed woods, tree trunks, wet rocks and moist soils. A high index value (2.29) with evenness index of 0.996 was observed in the study area with trees having a much higher index compared to bryophytes found in fern plots. From the species, two (2) species were found to be possibly endangered with one (1) possibly near threatened of IUCN status. Also, three bryophytes found in the area were known to have medicinal value. To date, this is the first record of bryophyte flora in Kalikasan Park.


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