Butterfly diversity; district Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/08/2016
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Butterfly diversity; district Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

Waheed Iqbal, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Mubashar Hussain, Humayun Ashraf, Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar, Iqra Azam, Muhammad Umar
J. Bio. Env. Sci.9( 2), 235-243, August 2016.
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This entomological study was conducted at University of Gujrat to discover the butterfly species in Gujrat district of Province Punjab, Pakistan. During the study, about 232 specimens of adult butterflies were collected by hand net swiping method from the different localities of Gujrat district. Among these specimens, twelve species of butterflies were identified which belong to eight generas, four subfamilies and three families. The Pieridae family includes 78.44 %, family Nymphalidae includes 8.18 % and family Danaidae includes 13.36 % species of this study area. The family Pieridae is represented by six species that are Anapheis aurota, Pieris canidia, Pieris brassicae, Catopsilia florella, Catopsilia pyranthe and Eurema hecabe. The family Nymphalidae is represented by four species that are Junonia orithya, Junonia almana, Vanessa carduiand Ergolis merione. Whereas the family Danaidae is represented by two species that are Danaus chryssipus and Danaus genutia. The maximum population (74 numbers) of Pieris canidia was recorded throughout the season; whereas, Danaus genuttia and Vanessa cardui was least populated (01 numbers). The population of Pieris brassicae was moderate in the seasons that might be due to the host availability and preference. This is the first record of systematics and diversity of butterflies from Gujrat district of Province Punjab, Pakistan. In future the reconciliation of the systematics of the reported species through molecular biology is suggested.


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