Butterfly diversity varies across habitat types in Tangkoko Nature reserve North Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Research Paper 01/04/2017
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Butterfly diversity varies across habitat types in Tangkoko Nature reserve North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Roni Koneri, Saroyo, Trina E. Tallei
J. Bio. Env. Sci.10( 4), 52-61, April 2017.
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Butterflies (Lepidoptera) are important pollinators. This study aims to analyze the diversity of butterflies in various habitat types in Tangkoko Nature Reserve (TNR) North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Butterflies were sampled in four habitat types (i.e. primary forest, secondary forest, farms and shrubs) along randomly selected transects of 500 m using a sweep net. Sampling was conducted monthly over a three month period. Three families in Superfamily Papilionoidea were found namely Papilionidae, Nymphalidae, and Pieridae, with 576 individuals representing 28 species. The highest diversity, as indicated by Shannon-Wiener index (H) was found in the farm (H=2.13), followed by shrubs (H=1.79), and the lowest was in primary forest (H=1.67). Based on Sorensen similarity index (Cn), the composition of butterfly species found in primary forest had a high similarity value with that found in the farm (SI = 0.71), while the lowest was found amongst primary forest and shrub (SI = 0.55). Community similarity analysis indicated that the composition of butterfly species in the primary forest is more similar to species of butterflies in farm, whereas species of butterfly in shrub has much in common with the butterfly species in secondary forest.


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