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Carbon stocks of Rhizhopora apiculata and Sonneratia alba of mangrove forest in Ngurah Rai Forest Park, Bali Province, Indonesia

Research Paper | March 1, 2020

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Juwari, Daddy Ruhiyat, Marlon I. Aipassa, Yosep Ruslim

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.16( 3), 93-105, March 2020


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Mangrove forest is a typical tropical and subtropical forest, which is affected by sea tides. This study aimed to investigate the effect of pH, seawater salinity, and edaphic factors on carbon growth and stocks. The research plots were developed by employing transect method with a size of 20m x 50m for three plots along the beach. The pH value of plot A= 6.82, plot B= 6.90, and plot C= 7.26. The analysis of CEC elements found that plot A= 30.0, plot B= 25.2, and plot C= 25.4. The value of N-Total showed that plot A= 0.07, plot B= 0,07, and plot C= 0.04. The value of organic carbon was plot A= 2.1, plot B= 2.6, and plot C= 0.81. The results showed that the diameter of Rhizophora apiculata type in plot A, B, and C was 8.3±2.3cm, 8.4±2.8cm, and 8.9±3.3cm respectively, and that of Sonnetaria alba type in plot A, B, and C was 10.4±1.8cm, 9.0±3.8cm, and 8.5±1.5cm respectively. The biomass value of R. apiculata in plot A was 36.12ton ha-1, B= 38.60ton ha-1, and C= 45.94ton ha-1, and the biomass value of S. alba in plot A, B, and C was 56.27ton ha-1, 48.ton ha-1, and 36.25ton ha-1 respectively. The value of carbon contents in R. apiculata in plot A, B, and C was 18.06ton ha-1, 19.30ton ha-1, and 22.97ton ha-1 successively. In addition, the value of carbon content in S. alba was 28.13ton ha-1 in plot A, 24.47ton ha-1 in plot B, and 18.12ton ha-1 in plot C.


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Carbon stocks of Rhizhopora apiculata and Sonneratia alba of mangrove forest in Ngurah Rai Forest Park, Bali Province, Indonesia

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