Changes in wheat leaf phenology with the integrated application of organic and inorganic fertilizers

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Research Paper 01/09/2016
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Changes in wheat leaf phenology with the integrated application of organic and inorganic fertilizers

Sajjad Khan, Fazal Yazdan, Muhammad Siddiq, Abbas Khan, Imtiaz Ahmad, Naveed Ahmad
Int. J. Biosci.9( 3), 35-46, September 2016.
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Leaf phenology is one of the most important traits in crop production. In this study the combine effect of manures and mineral fertilizers on various leaf parameters of wheat was investigated. We tested the response of leaf phonology to application of organic manure and inorganic fertilizer at Livestock Research and Development Station Surezai, Peshawar in two years filed trials in 2010-11 and 2011-12 in randomized complete block design with four replications. In this experiment three levels of poultry manure (2, 4 and 6 t ha-1) three levels of farmyard manure (2, 4 and 6 t ha-1) and two levels of nitrogen (60 and 90 kg ha-1) along with control were applied to wheat crop.  Certain traits of like leaf area, leaf area index, specific leaf area, leaf area ratio and leaf nitrogen content was investigated. Leaf area and others leaf transits were significantly affected by organic and inorganic fertilizers and in most cases increase in leaf traits were noted however decrease in leaf area and other traits were also noted in some cases.  The increase or decrease in leaf area tiller-1 and others leaf traits in different treatments may be a result of less or more number of leaves tiller-1 and availability flow of nutrients from inorganic and organic sources of fertilizers. leaf area tiller-1 increased with progressive increase in fertilizer level. The ratio of 6 t PM, 6 t FYM ha-1 and 90 kg N ha-1 is recommended for enhancing leaf architecture and leaf nitrogen content in wheat.


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