Characterization and optimization of alkaline protease producing thermostable bacteria

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Research Paper 01/05/2019
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Characterization and optimization of alkaline protease producing thermostable bacteria

Beena Kanwar Shekhawat, Shabori Bhattacharya, Mohd Tanvir Qureshi, P.J. John
Int. J. Biosci.14( 5), 130-140, May 2019.
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Thermophilic bacteria that secrete alkaline proteases have been attracting attention in industrial applications such as tanneries and laundry industry due to their ability to act as a source of cheap but efficient enzymes that reduce dependence on environmentally harmful chemicals. The aim of this study was to isolate the therrmophilic bacteria that produce alkaline protease enzymes from soil of Rajasthan (Jodhpur, Nagaur, Barmer), India by using specific isolation media defined by Horikoshi. The isolates were identified as gram positive bacteria on the basis of gram staining and by various biochemical methods. 16S rDNA gene sequencing suggested these strain Bacillus sp.  Which have been submitted to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). These isolates were tested for their ability to produce extracellular proteases and their proteolytic activity was checked on the basis of casein hydrolysis on skim milk agar plate by halo formation surrounding the isolate. Thermostability study revealed that all the isolates are found to survive up to 90oC. Optimization of culture conditions was also done to enhance productivity and activity of the protease enzymes.


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