Characterization of the dual activity of an endo-beta-D-glycosidase from salivary glands of Macrotermes subhyalinus little soldier against carboxymethylcellulose and xylan

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Research Paper 01/11/2012
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Characterization of the dual activity of an endo-beta-D-glycosidase from salivary glands of Macrotermes subhyalinus little soldier against carboxymethylcellulose and xylan

J.B. Fagbohoun, Y. Karamoko, S. Dabonné, E.J.P. Kouadio, E.A. Due, L. P. Kouamé
Int. J. Biomol. & Biomed.2( 3), 8-14, November 2012.
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This work reports the characterization of endo-beta-D-glycosidase from salivary gland of little soldier of Macrotermes subhyalinus. Based on thin-layer chromatographic analysis of the degradation products, the carboxymethylcellulaseactivity produced glucose, cellobiose and cellodextrins from carboxymethylcellulose as the substrate. When xylan from Birchwood was used, end products were xylobiose and xylodextrins. The presence of metal ions such as NaCl, MgCl2 and NH4Cl positively influenced the activity of β-glucosidase but the activity was inhibited in presence of CuCl2, ZnCl2, SDS.


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