Checklist of the opisthobranchs (Heterobranchia: Gastropoda) along the Iranian coasts of the Gulf of Oman

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Research Paper 01/03/2015
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Checklist of the opisthobranchs (Heterobranchia: Gastropoda) along the Iranian coasts of the Gulf of Oman

Yaser Fatemi, Gilan Attaran-Fariman
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 3), 1-7, March 2015.
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This is the first paper describing the heterobranch fauna of the coasts of Iran. A total of 25 species belonging to 14 families is recorded from the Iranian coasts of the Gulf of Oman. Except for Chromodoris annulata, the remainder are all new records for the area. The families Chromodorididae and Aplysiidae have the highest diversity in the Gulf of Oman at present. A preliminary checklist of heterobranchs occurring in Iran is provided, based on current and literature records.


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