Coexistence of herbal forest flora with phanerophyte up-story on Chahartagh forest reserve site in Cheharmahal va Bakhtiari province

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Research Paper 01/02/2014
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Coexistence of herbal forest flora with phanerophyte up-story on Chahartagh forest reserve site in Cheharmahal va Bakhtiari province

Elmira Kaffash Saei, Solmaz Abedini, Negin ghaderi, Ali Soltani
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 2), 81-88, February 2014.
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Phytosociology and forest ecosystem typology results have not been always matched. This inconsistency is greater in highly diverse forests. The current study demonstrates this concept that phanerophyte composition of up stratum in a well-protected central Zagros forest can determine the pattern and composition of herbal plants on the forest floor. More than two hundred micro plots were launched on a thirty hectare of the Chahartagh forest reserve site. The species survey consisted of herbal cover of the micro plot and a number of trees located inside the diameter of ten meters around the micro-plots. The phanerophyte distribution was considered as the actual factors and herbal cover was considered as the natural responds and the relationships were analyzed by a canonical correspondence analysis. The Monte Carlo test showed a highly directed co-distribution of the under and upper stories in the forest.


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