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Common striga control methods in Nigeria: A review

Review Paper | September 1, 2013

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B. A. Mahmoud, I. L. Hamma, S. Abdullahi S, Y. Adamu

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.3( 9), 26-29, September 2013


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Striga is a parasitic weed commonly found in both cereals and legumes, reducing yield between 80-100%. Different control measures emerging from various agricultural Researchers at national and international levels are been recommended in tackling the negative effects of this weed. A review of these findings has been discussed for the benefit of our poor-resource farmers in Nigeria. Based from these findings, striga can be managed using one or more methods: use of biological control practices, use of cultural control practices, planting of resistant host crops, use of nitrogen fertilizers and use of chemicals/herbicides. The choice of any of these methods will depend on the literacy level of the farmer, available desired technology, availability of resources at his/her disposal and size of his/her farm. However, the use of resistant host crops is considered to be the most preferred because it can easily be handled, affordable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly for Nigerian farmers.


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Common striga control methods in Nigeria: A review

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