Comparative clinical utility of Widal and Typhidot in the diagnosis of typhoid fever

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Research Paper 01/08/2016
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Comparative clinical utility of Widal and Typhidot in the diagnosis of typhoid fever

Naeem Bukhari, Afshan Saleem, Muhammad Adeeb khan, Sadiq Noor Khan, Abdul Jabbar, Bilal Ahmad, Azhar Khan
Int. J. Biosci.9( 2), 92-96, August 2016.
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Timely and accurate diagnosis of typhoid fever is considered as the key factor to stop its alarming morbidity and mortality rates in our country. Typhoid fever is usually diagnosed by Widal and Typhidot, while from comparative diagnostic point of view blood culture is considered as gold standard of diagnosis. Current Study correlates Widal and Typhidot results with blood culture to evaluate reliability, sensitivity and specificity of these techniques. Blood samples from 91 patients were collected by aseptic technique and blood culture, Typhidot and Widal tests were performed for detection of Salmonella typhi. In group I about 76 patients were suspected for typhoid, while in group II, 15 controls (non-typhoidal) patients were included. Out of 76 samples 44 (58%) were positive for blood culture, 51 (67%) positive for Typhidot and 33 (43%) were Widal positive. From group II all 15 cases showed no growth on blood culture. About 2 (13%) cases were Typhidot reactive while only 4 (27%) cases were Widal positive. Amongst 44 culture positive cases from group I, 41 patients were positive for Typhidot and 31 were reactive against Widal, showing sensitivity of 93 % and specificity of 87% while, Widal sensitivity was 70% and specificity was 73%. The results of this study showed that blood culture is a standard diagnostic test for early diagnosis of Salmonella typhi. Typhidot is still sensitive, specific, safe and simple method for the diagnosis of typhoid fever in the underdeveloped areas of the world.


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