Comparative study of proximate composition and mineral contents in Cyprinus carpio and Hypothalmichthys molitrix collected from River Sutluj

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Research Paper 01/08/2018
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Comparative study of proximate composition and mineral contents in Cyprinus carpio and Hypothalmichthys molitrix collected from River Sutluj

Muhammad Asrar Choudhary, Shaheen Fatima, Riffat Yasin, Khizar Samiullah, Muhammad Samee Mubarik, Inayat Ullah Malik, Rana Mehroz Fazal, Abdul Rauf, Omer Draz, Mubashra Tabassum
J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 2), 185-193, August 2018.
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The current study was carried out to estimate the chemical composition and mineral contents in Cyprinus carpio (common carp) and Hypophathalmic molitrix (silver carp). The main objectives were to find the effect of feeding habitat on the fish growth, to determine the nutrients and minerals composition in the fish body. The samples of fish carcass were analyzed by standard methods (AOAC, 1995). The maximum percentage of protein, fat, moisture and ash in C. carpio were 67.19±0.56, 19.96±0.44, 0.29±0.05 and 8.97±0.57 respectively while in H. molitrix were 67.58±2.17, 19.63±1.67, 0.64±0.08 and 12.33±0 respectively. The maximum percentage of Na, K, Ca, Cr, Zn, Mn in C. carpio 2.121±0.837, 10.362±4.227, 0.514±0.231, 0.072±0.017, 0.036±0.014 and 6.163±2.494 while in H. molitrix were 0.847±0.306, 14.052±5.769, 0.441±0.344, 0.023±0.009, Cr was 0.036±0.014 and 4.231±1.703 respectively. The Co-Stat computer software (Version 6.303, PMB 320, Monterey, CA, 93940 USA) was used for statistical analysis. The present study showed important information and significant difference (P<0.05) between the studied fish species regarding proximate composition and mineral contents.


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