Contamination assessment and spatial distribution mapping of heavy metals in agricultural soils of south Hossein Abad copper index (Neyriz, Iran)

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Research Paper 01/05/2015
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Contamination assessment and spatial distribution mapping of heavy metals in agricultural soils of south Hossein Abad copper index (Neyriz, Iran)

Mehrdad Karimi, Alireza Nazari
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 5), 513-524, May 2015.
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The scope of the study in this research is a part of agricultural soil of Hossein Abad in the vicinity of Abadehtashk and Neyriz. With regard to the role of heavy elements in causing ecological disorders and their effects on the health of the human beings and other creatures, the study of the destructive effects of the heavy elements and the environmental conditions of the soil of that region is of grave importance. In order to check the distribution and mobility of potentially toxic elements, sampling was done in 16 stations in the region. The fine grain clay sample particles smaller than 0.63 micron were chemically analyzed using ICP-OES technique. The comparison of the results of the analysis of the samples with the field samples and valid global standards showed a high concentration of heavy metals such as: Co, Cr, Cd, Ag, Cu, Pb, Ni and As in some stations of the case study. The results of the study show that in this area the index of geoaccumulation for the above mentioned elements is low, the pollution index for the two elements of Cr and Ag is medium and the enrichment factor for the three elements of Co, Ag and Cd is low and for Cr is medium. Also in this area the geoaccumulation index for the elements of Ni, Cu, Pb and As is low, the pollution index is medium and the enrichment factor for Ni and As is medium and for Cu and Pb is low. In Isograde maps the same trend of pollution can be observed. The polluted areas are clearly shown on these isograde maps.


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