Contaminations in metallic trace elements (Lead, cadmium) of urban and periurban market garden perimeters in the municipality of Lokossa in Benin

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Research Paper 01/06/2021
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Contaminations in metallic trace elements (Lead, cadmium) of urban and periurban market garden perimeters in the municipality of Lokossa in Benin

Hounkpatin Armelle Sabine Yélignan, Hounhouigan Menouwesso Harold Adjatin Arlette, Sare Eric Bio Nikki, Hekpazo Patricia, Johnson Roch Christian
Int. J. Biosci.18( 6), 242-250, June 2021.
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Faced with the challenge of global food security, the production and consumption of vegetables in urban and peri-urban areas are a nutritional asset. However, demographic pressure, poorly regulated cultivation practices and growing pollution cannot guarantee the sanitary quality of the products harvested. This study aims to evaluate the metallic contamination of the soil, irrigation water and market garden crops produced on the urban market garden perimeter in the municipality of Lokossa in Benin. The samples of irrigation water, soil and vegetables were taken for this purpose and analyzed by a lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) Molecular Absorption Spectrophotometer at the water and food quality control laboratory of the Ministry of Health. We observed respectively an accumulation in the soil (0.52mg /kg) followed by vegetables (0.58mg /kg) obtained against 0.2mg /kg fixed by the WHO and in water (0, 42mg / L) obtained against 0.0004mg / L set by the GESAMP standard. As for Cadmium, the levels are at the threshold of standards for soil (0.10mg /kg), vegetables (0.05mg /kg) but largely exceeds the accepted standard for water (0.07mg / L) obtained against 0.00021mg / L set by the GESAMP standard. The consequences induced by this contamination are health risks for consumers. To remedy this, it is urgent that steps be taken to identify all potential sources of contamination in order to avoid or control them.


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