Description and distribution of tissues in seed head bearing internode of sun ecotype of cogon grass [(Imperata cylindrica L.) Beauv.]

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Research Paper 01/11/2017
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Description and distribution of tissues in seed head bearing internode of sun ecotype of cogon grass [(Imperata cylindrica L.) Beauv.]

S. N. Sima, A. K. Roy, N. Joarder
Int. J. Biosci.11( 5), 253-259, November 2017.
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The seed head bearing internodes of Cogon grass were circular and solid in nature with noticeable cuticle presence. Vascular bundles were arranged in two concentric circles in the hypodermal regions but no vascular bundles were in the leaf gap region .The outer circle bundles were small and medium but the inner circle bundles were large in size. Large and medium vascular bundles were equal in number (range 6-9) but the small bundles were more in number compared to large bundles (more than 11 in number). Xylem and phloem in the large and medium bundles were in the same line; phloem was external to xylem and protoxylem was in the centre.  Vascular bundles were described as conjoint, collateral, endarch and closed and were surrounded by bundle sheath of parenchymatous in nature. Phloem was completely surrounded by 2-3 layers of very thick walled cells. Fundamental tissue consisted of thin walled parenchyma cells and was not differentiated into cortex, endodermis and pith.


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