Description of Psyllaephagus blastopsyllae sp.n. (Encyrtidae), new species, endoparasitoid of Blastopsylla occidentalis Taylor (Psyllidae, Spondyliaspidinae) in Cameroon

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Research Paper 01/08/2014
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Description of Psyllaephagus blastopsyllae sp.n. (Encyrtidae), new species, endoparasitoid of Blastopsylla occidentalis Taylor (Psyllidae, Spondyliaspidinae) in Cameroon

Joseph Lebel Tamesse, Laurentine Soufo, Elodie Carine Tchanatame, Victor Joly Dzokou, Alex Gumovsky, Eliane De Coninck
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 2), 227-236, August 2014.
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Eucalypts are tropical and subtropical plants used in manufacture and medicine in Africa. This plant hosted various pests among which are psyllids, Blastopsylla occidentalis Taylor. The control strategies of this pest around the world are based on chemical control and no parasitoid was identified until now. A new species of the genus Psyllaephagus, an endoparasitoid of Blastopsylla occidentalis (Psyllidae, Spondyliaspidinae) is described. The new species, Psyllaephagus blastopsyllae sp.n., is similar to P. viridis Prinsloo, 1981, but differs in having the more densely pubescent scutellum (covered with 55-60 setae or more), the toruli being situated below the lower eye margins, the shorter antennal scape of female (just 3.5-4.0 times longer than broad), and the shorter (about twice as long as broad) antennal scape of male.


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