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Description study of Rotifera (Cunier 1798) from wetland areas in the middle of Iraq

Research Paper | February 1, 2019

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Afkar Muslim Hadi, Hind Dyia Hadi

Key Words:

J. Bio. Env. Sci.14( 2), 166-173, February 2019


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The current study revealed to three genus of Rotifera: Branchionus, Euchlanis and Philodina that belong to two classes Monogonata and Bdelloidea that distributed among six wetland areas: Area 1(Al Zawraa Lake in Al Zawraa Park in Baghdad city), Area 2 (Hi Al Abaas, Road of Karbala, Baghdad, Karbala main drainage), Area 3 (Al Rawdatain, Karbala Al Hurr Tourist Road, Al Hussenia River), Area 4 (Al Jamalia, Baghdad Al Hurr Road, Karbala main drainage), Area 5 (Al Jamalia, Al Hurr Road, Al Hurr area, the intersection of Al Jamalia, Al Hussenia River), and Area 6 (Intersection of Al – Hurr Road Baghdad, Al Hussenia River). The results aimed to variations in population of Rotifers that may be due to variation in type of water. Each genus was studied its morphological description, some of its biological aspects and its prevalence compared with previous studies in Iraq.


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Description study of Rotifera (Cunier 1798) from wetland areas in the middle of Iraq

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