Design and Implementation of Water Quality Control and Monitoring Devices in a Small-Scale Aquaculture System

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Research Paper 04/12/2022
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Design and Implementation of Water Quality Control and Monitoring Devices in a Small-Scale Aquaculture System

Jamali A. Nagamora, Leo Rey S. Sagun, Rosalie Vertudes, Jeffrey Ken B. Balangao, Abdul Halil S. Abdullah II
Int. J. Biosci.21( 6), 91-105, December 2022.
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To sustain an aquaculture system, one of the focus is on monitoring and controlling of water quality parameters. This study aimed at designing water quality control and monitoring system to be integrated and implemented in a developed small-scale aquaculture system. In this work, the necessary requirements needed for fish growth and development such as pH, salinity, ammonia and algae contents were being considered in developing different sensors for monitoring and control. The outcome of this work indicated the design and performance evaluation of the different sensors used to monitor and control the water parameters in the system. The implemented functionalities were able to monitor and maintain the pH, salinity, ammonia and algae contents in the aquaculture system. It can be recommended to also integrate in the system other water quality parameters such as oxidation-reduction potential, water hardness, nitrites and nitrates, among others.


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