Detection and Molecular Characterization of Human Adenovirus Infections among Hospitalized Children with Acute Diarrhea in Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/01/2020
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Detection and Molecular Characterization of Human Adenovirus Infections among Hospitalized Children with Acute Diarrhea in Pakistan

Zainab Khattak Nayab Mahmood, Muhammad Masroor Alam, Sohail Zahoor Zaidi, Muhammad Usman, Ribqa Akhtar, Nighat Mushtaq, Muhammad Salman, Aamer Ali Shah
Int. J. Biosci.16( 1), 184-196, January 2020.
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Viral gastroenteritis afflicts an enormous number of persons all over the world. It establishes a main hazard particularly to susceptible people for example children, aged people, and immune compromised individuals. Rotavirus and adenovirus are the two important agents associated with hospitalization for diarrhea especially in children. Pakistan is among one of the Asian countries with higher diarrhea related child’s death. The aim of the study is the assessment of the molecular epidemiological study of HAdV in children with gastroenteritis in Pakistan. During January 2017 to December 2018, 1,086 stool samples were collected from children under 5 years of age from five hospitals; Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi (BBH), Mayo Hospital, Lahore (MHL), Children’s Hospital, Lahore (CHL), Kharadar General Hospital (KGH), Karachi and National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Karachi, Pakistan. A demographic and clinical study was performed for determination of the relationship among viral infection and clinical consequences of patients. Atotal 198/1,086 (18.23%) stool samples were determined to be positive for HAdV by PCR. Among them 26.76% (n=53) were found to be co-infected with rotavirus. There was a significant relation of diarrhea related clinical parameters with HAdV. This study provides vital data on HAdV in Pakistani children. The presence of higher disease load of HAdV in early age children of our country produced additional emphasis on the prioritization of the analysis of HAdVs particularly in the neonates and early-age infants. Briefly, this study demonstrates that HAdV is the main cause of gastroenteritis in Pakistani children.


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