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Research Paper | February 1, 2018

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Detection of cyanide in freshwater fishes relative to sex dimorphism using landmark-based geometric morphometrics in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Rex Bomvet Deleon Saura, Rex Jr. Masinading Andante

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Int. J. Biosci.12(2), 176-192, February 2018

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/12.2.176-192


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This study was done for public health and environmental concerns and aimed to determine the presence of cyanide in three fishes such as Channa striata, Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias batrachus, and described the allometry and sex dimorphism of Chevron Snakehead. The physico-chemical parameters, levels of Cyanide, Copper, Lead, Zinc and Iron in nine (9) stream tributaries of Agusan Marsh was evaluated and compared to the DENR freshwater quality standards.  The research employed Cyanide Detection Tests, length-weight relationship, land-marking and relative warp analysis using tps software and PAST-Hotellings test. The result revealed that 82% were positive in cyanide, found in all two (2)  samples O. niloticus, in C. batrachus four (4) is positive only one is negative, three (3) C. striata, were positive and only one (1) is negative.  Negative allometric were observed to 15 male and 15 female Channa striata showed b value is 1.0798, strong positive correlation with r2 = 0.8908 and significant with p=0.00001. No shape variation among male and female C. striata . Hotelling’s test where T2 = 6.168, F = 1.1774, P = 1, means no significant sexual dimorphism for the body shape of the C. striata. Moreover, lead, copper, zinc and iron and cyanide in water revealed in detectable levels and physico-chemical water quality of the streams were affected.Thus, landmark based geometric analysis were useful in describing sexual dimorphisms among fish species. In addition, freshwater fishes were sensitive and susceptible to bio accumulation of cyanide and growth affected by the water quality.


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Detection of cyanide in freshwater fishes relative to sex dimorphism using landmark-based geometric morphometrics in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

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