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Determining effects of irrigation stress on growth and yield of potato cultivars in Ardabil cold region

Research Paper | April 1, 2014

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Ghasem Rahimi Darabad

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 4), 318-326, April 2014


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To determine effects of irrigation stress on growth and yield of experimental potato cultivars, 6 potato cultivars were studied in Ardabil Agricultural Research Station. To perform test, split plot statistical design based on Completely Randomized design was used in three replicates. In this test, water stress was applied with increasing irrigation distance during growth of the plant. Factor of irrigation interval with three levels i.e. stress-free (irrigation every 6 days), medium stress (irrigation every 12 days), and high stress (irrigation every 18 days) was included in main plots and factor of potato cultivars was included in 6 levels in subplots. In this research, traits of the number of day until emergency, the number of day until tuberization, the number of day until flowering, height of plant, number of main stem, diameter of main stem, number of tuber per plant, weight of tuber per plant and yield of the plant were studied. Results of ANOVA showed that there was significant difference among all of the studied traits but number of day until tuberization in terms of irrigation levels and cultivars. Serenade and agria cultivars produced the highest mean yields of tuber with 28.78 and 28.28 tons per hectare and draga cultivar produced the lowest mean yields of tuber with 24.41 tons per hectare. Potato cultivars with different irrigation periods in terms of plant height, number of man stem, and number of tuber per plant, weight of tuber per plant and yield of tuber showed interaction. This shows that difference of cultivars in different irrigation periods was not equal.


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Determining effects of irrigation stress on growth and yield of potato cultivars in Ardabil cold region

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