Determining synoptic patterns in atmospheric middle level of effective daily precipitation in Zayanderood basin

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Research Paper 01/06/2014
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Determining synoptic patterns in atmospheric middle level of effective daily precipitation in Zayanderood basin

Dr. Abbasali Arvin
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 6), 399-407, June 2014.
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Changes and fluctuations of rainfall in Zayanderod catchment can severely affect the survival and development in the central Iran. In this study, we have analyzed the synoptic patterns of precipitation with more than ten millimeters as effective precipitation for the preparation of water supply in central Iran. For this purpose, a database of daily rainfall over ten mm was formed in the basin from 1987 to 2011and the days were selected in which that at least two stations reported the rainfall of more than ten millimeters. Then geopotential height maps of 500htp level of 211 rainy days with more than ten millimeters were derived from a database search. Factor analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis were used for the classification of geopotential height maps. Based on the factor analysis undetected output, 211 days of maps were summarized in 8 factors. Then days were grouped based on the factor loadings using hierarchical clustering. Thus the division of maps into four groups had the highest correlation within the group and variance had the highest between-group. The results also showed that the deep trough pattern of the Northwest to Southeast and North East to South deep trough pattern were, respectively, the main patterns established over ten millimeters of rainfall in the basin.


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