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Research Paper | April 1, 2017

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Diet of largemouth Bass reared in earthen ponds in polyculture system with Nile Tilapia and Chinese carps in a semi-arid environment at Deroua Fisheries Station (Fkih Ben Saleh, Morocco)

Anour Ouizgane, Sanaa Farid, Mohemed Droussi, Mustapha Hasnaoui

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.10(4), 150-155, April 2017


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Diet is an important part of the biology of the largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides. Lacépède, 1802). The behavior and interactions that occur in a fish population in an aquatic environment are the basis of any fish management action to be taken. In this work the largemouth Bass’s diet, reared in polyculture with Nile tilapia, Chinese carps, common carp, blue gill and mosquito fish was studied in fish ponds at Deroua fisheries station (Ben Fquih Salah- Morocco) between June and December 2013. One Hundred largemouth Bass with a total length between 16 and 42 cm were captured, dissected and their stomach contents analyzed. The results showed that largemouth Bass’s diet consists of six categories of prey with varying occurrence indices: Tilapia (66.1%), insects (25%), Mosquito fish (3.9%), Blue gill (2.8%), Common Carp (1.1%) and mollusks (1.1%). It was found that largemouth Bass ‘stend to consume prey of small sizes and weight even if its size allows it to swallow larger preys.


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Diet of largemouth Bass reared in earthen ponds in polyculture system with Nile Tilapia and Chinese carps in a semi-arid environment at Deroua Fisheries Station (Fkih Ben Saleh, Morocco)

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