Diversity, endemism and conservation status of flora in Mt. Katayagan, Agoo, La Union, Philippines

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Research Paper 10/04/2024
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Diversity, endemism and conservation status of flora in Mt. Katayagan, Agoo, La Union, Philippines

Ivan G. Ticguey, Glennadi R. Rualo
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 4), 71-84, April 2024.
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Mount Katayagan, the highest peak in the Agoo Mountain Range, La Union, Philippines, is a vital but understudied natural resource. This research addresses the biodiversity gap in non-protected areas like Mt. Katayagan, emphasizing its role as a watershed, supplying water for irrigation, households, and providing essential commodities. Despite its ecological and economic significance, there is a lack of research on Mt. Katayagan’s biodiversity. The study utilized a quantitative descriptive methodology, following the Terrestrial Ecosystem Biodiversity and Assessment Monitoring Manual. Data collection involved desktop research, community engagement, reconnaissance survey, forest land assessment, visual documentation, flora identification, and determination of endemism and conservation status. The research documented 102 plant species from 40 families and 92 genera, revealing a Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index of 4.032, signifying very high diversity. Noteworthy findings include 48 native species, 31 La Union endemics, and the identification of four threatened species per the IUCN Red List and five according to DAO No. 2017-11.


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