Diversity indices and importance values of a tropical deciduous forest of Chhotanagpur plateau, India

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Research Paper 01/07/2015
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Diversity indices and importance values of a tropical deciduous forest of Chhotanagpur plateau, India

Chandravir Narayan, Anshumali
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 1), 358-367, July 2015.
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Ecological study was carried out by establishing four one hectare (ha) plots one each in Jiradih (site-I), Chargi (site-II), Sandoi (site-III) and Chiruvabera (site-IV) in December 2012 in the tropical deciduous forest around the Chhotanagpur plateau of Bokaro district, Jharkhand. At each site, 1-ha plot (100 m ˣ 100 m) was demarcated by nylon rope and each plot was divided into 100 quadrats of 10 m ˣ 10 m in size. For each 10 m ˣ 10 m quadrat, the number of species and stem density were recorded. The dbh was used in the measurement of basal area. The forest stands were moderately dense with total 1470 adult stems (> 9.6 cm) in the 4 hectares (mean density 368 stems ha-1). The IVI results show that the tree species with high importance values differs from site to site. The species richness is not uniformly distributed in the forest sites; the three sites were mosaic of low and high diversity patches. Therefore, this study highlights the loss of species richness and species evenness; consequently, the restoration and conservation of tropical deciduous forests.


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