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Diversity of butterfly fauna of Doag Dara, Sheringal, Dir Upper, Pakistan

Research Paper | August 1, 2018

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Mohammad Attaullah, Noorul Haq, Islam Dad Buneri, Rooh Ullah, Abdur Rahim

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 2), 297-305, August 2018


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Butterflies are indicators of a healthy environment and a healthy ecosystem. Other than aesthetic value, butterflies are important pollinators, bio-indicators of climate change, sensitive to ecosystem fluctuations and a key source of scientific studies in diverse fields of biology. The present study was carried out to evaluate the butterfly fauna of Doag Dara, Dir Upper, KP, Pakistan. Collection of butterflies was carried out during April to October 2017. Ten species of butterflies belonging to 3 families and 8 genera were identified in the study area. Five species belonged to family Pieridae, three species to family Nymphalidae and two species to family Papilionidae. Five species of the family Pieridae were Pieris brassicae, Pontia daplidice, Gonepteryx rhamni, Colias croceus, Colias erate, 2 species of the family Nymphalidae were Danaus chrysippus, Cynthia cardui and Junonia orithya and 2 species belonging to family Papilionidae were Papilio demoleus and Papilio machaon. The morphometric measurements indicated that Papilio demoleus has maximum wing span of 8.85 and body length of 2.78cm, followed by Danaus chrysippus 7.95cm and body length of 2.52cm compared with other identified species. Lowest wing span was found in Junonia orithya with a mean value of 4.960.307cm and mean body length of 1.90.141cm. This was a preliminary study on the diversity of butterfly fauna of Doag Dara, Dir Upper. This will provide a baseline for future taxonomic work on Lepidoptera in the study area.


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Diversity of butterfly fauna of Doag Dara, Sheringal, Dir Upper, Pakistan

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