Effect of Blended NPSZn fertilizer and Variety on quality of Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) Seed at Hossana, Southern Ethiopia

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Research Paper 28/07/2022
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Effect of Blended NPSZn fertilizer and Variety on quality of Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) Seed at Hossana, Southern Ethiopia

Tamirat Lefamo
Int. J. Biosci.21( 1), 138-147, July 2022.
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Carrot is an important vegetable crop in Ethiopia. However, the quality of the crop is low mainly due to low soil fertility and a lack of improved varieties resulting in low yield and low quality of carrot seed. Therefore, this study was conducted in 2019 to assess the effect of blended NPSZn fertilizer and to evaluate high seed-yielding carrot varieties at Hossana, southern Ethiopia. The field experiment consisted of five levels of blended NPSZn (0, 100, 125,150 and 175 kg ha-1) fertilizer and three Carrot Varieties (Hramaya I, Nantes and Royal Chantenay). A complete randomized design with four replications was used for the laboratory experiment, whereas a randomized complete block design in factorial arrangement with three replications was used for the field experiment. The result of the analysis revealed that the main factors (blended NPSZn fertilizer and varieties) had a highly significant (P<0.01) effect on seed purity, thousand seed weight, seed germination, speed of seed germination and seedling vigor index.The highest(1.72 g and 1.55 g ) thousand seed weight from primary and secondary umbel’s seed, respectively, germination of seed (94.88%), speed of germination(24.58%), vigor index I (81.83) and vigor index II (7.8) were obtained from the application of 175 kg ha-1 blended NPSZn fertilizer. The variety Haramaya I had shown a significantly higher speed of germination as compared to Nantes and Royal Chantenay. In conclusion, the result of the study showed that application of 175 kg blended nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and Zinc (NPSZn) ha-1 fertilizer with Haramaya I carrot variety enhanced the quality of carrot seed.


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