Effect of cytokinin and gibberelin on lettuce seeds germination

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Research Paper 01/10/2014
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Effect of cytokinin and gibberelin on lettuce seeds germination

Malihe Noghani, Mohammad javad shakori, Nafiseh darandeh
Int. J. Biosci.5( 7), 1-4, October 2014.
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This study was about germination of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) performed in Azad Islamic university Shirvan branch and effects of cytokinin and gibberellin soaking were investigated in a Randomized Complete Block Design with factorial treatment structure in four replications. The solutions of cytokinin and gibberellin were prepared at 2, 4, 6 and 8 ppm levels and 1000 seed were soaked in solutions. The effects of applied hormones and the concentrations of hormone solutions were significant (0.01%). Soaking the seeds in 8 and 6 ppm of cytokinin solutions had the highest effect on duration of radicles growth (7.75 and 5.5 days respectively) and also using 8 ppm of cytokinin solution had the highest effect on duration of hypocotylesgrowth (14 days).


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