Effect of diet on gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women of district Lahore, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/04/2020
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Effect of diet on gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women of district Lahore, Pakistan

Iqra Shoukat, Shahnai Basharat, Tahira Asif, Ayesha Basharat, Tabussam Tufail, Muhammad Zia Shahid
Int. J. Biosci.16( 4), 12-18, April 2020.
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To find out the diet association with gestational diabetes mellitus among pregnant women visiting services Hospital Lahore. A total of 100 pregnant women age range of 20-35 years were selected for the nine-month case control study. In case group female with gestational diabetes mellitus had been included while in control group female with normal blood sugar were added. Comparison of dietary intake measured among both groups. The sample was selected from services hospital Lahore. A questionnaire was used for data collection. A 24-hour dietary recall method was used to compute the nutrient intake among participants. The anthropometric measurements, body mass index and blood sugar levels were evaluated among participants of study. The study hypothesis was accepted or rejected by data analysis. The results showed that among 100 participants, a total of 42 % were moderately active, 26 % had sedentary lifestyle, 26% were lightly active and 3 % were highly active. A significant association was observed between fasting blood sugar and case control group p=0.000, and and physical activity and case control group p=0.000. Association between diet and blood sugar level was observed and results showed that null hypothesis was rejected which means both the attributes were dependent as there was association between diet and blood sugar level p=0.000.The study concluded that the comparison of both case and control group showed that high carbohydrate diet low calcium and vitamin D diet low intake of polyphenol rich fruit such as dry fruit and green leafy vegetables increased the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.


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