Effect of different rates of potassium fertilizer on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) yield and yield components under Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

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Research Paper 15/11/2022
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Effect of different rates of potassium fertilizer on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) yield and yield components under Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Miressa Regasa Turi, Yohannes Erkeno Handiso
Int. J. Biosci.21( 5), 200-209, November 2022.
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A field experiment was conducted at Wachemo University (Lambuda Research site) from January to October 2018 under rain fed to assess the response of different rates of Potassium (K) on yield and yield components of potato tuber. The treatments consisted of four different rates of Potassium (K) (0 Kg KCL, 50 KCL Kg, 100 KCL Kg and 150 KCL Kg). The treatments were arranged in a randomized complete block design RCBD) with three replications. There were a significant interaction effect of the different rates of Potassium (K) (P<0.05) on  plant height, number of main stems per plant, average tuber weight, tuber number per plant, total tuber yield, marketable tuber yield, unmarketable tuber yield, large tuber mean yield, medium tuber mean yield, small tuber mean yield. The highest plant height (75.09 cm) was recorded with application of 100 Kg KCL. The highest (7.40) number of main stems was recorded with 100 Kg KCl.The highest total tuber yield (18.64 t/ha) was obtained from application of 150 Kg KCl. The highest (10.95 t/ha) larger tubers was recorded with 150 Kg KCl. Application of 150 Kg KCl produced the highest (3.13 t/ha) medium sized tubers. The highest small tuber (2.38 t/ha) was recorded from control treatment (0 Kg KCl). Application of 100 Kg KCl gave highest (19.98%) dry matter content. The higher (1.077) tuber specific gravity was obtained with application of both 100 and 150 Kg KCl. Generally, the applications of higher rates of potassium (100 and 150 Kg) were advisable for the production of higher tuber yield of potato, and to be suggested for quality potato production at Hadiya area.


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