Effect of different sowing dates on growth and development of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes at different locations of Sindh province, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/01/2020
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Effect of different sowing dates on growth and development of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes at different locations of Sindh province, Pakistan

Saquib Hussain Siddiqui, Wajid Ali Jatoi, Shahnaz Memon, Tarique Ali Jatoi, Wazir Ali Maitlo, Muhammad Siddique Depar, Saima Siddiqui
Int. J. Biosci.16( 1), 42-52, January 2020.
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Wheat production in Pakistan is low as it is severely affected by various biotic and abiotic stresses. Amongst the abiotic stress, heat stress (terminal high temperature) is one of the major causes of low wheat yield in Pakistan. This paper focuses on the evaluation and performance of newly evolved wheat genotypes under different sowings (temperature regimes) conditions and the selection of suitable promising lines. In this experiment, the twenty wheat genotypes (DH-1, DH-3, DH-4, DH-5, DH-6, DH-7, DH-8, DH-10, DH-11, DH-12, DH-13, DH-14, DH-15, DH-16, DH-18, DH-19, DH-20, DH-21, Lu26s and Kiran-95) were cultivated in three locations of the Sindh province i.e., Sakrand, Tandojam, and Mirpursakro under three different sowing dates viz., November 7, November 27 and December 17; November 5, November 25 and December 15 and November 6, November 26 and December 16, 2015-17 (two years), as S1 (optimum), S2 (heat stress) and S3 (high heat stress), respectively. All the bio-growth parameters viz., productive tillers plant-1, spikelets spike-1, grain weight plant-1(g) and 1000-grains weight (g) showed significant difference among genotypes and sowing dates in their interactions. A significantly decreasing trend was observed in all the bio-growth parameters at late sown crop over normal sown. Based on summarized results of three locations, the wheat genotypes DH-1, DH-6, DH-7, DH-11, DH-14, DH-18, DH-21 and Lu26s were classified as tolerant as these showed <40% reduction in quantum of 4 & 3 variables while DH16 and Kiran-95 were appeared sensitive as these displayed <40% reduction in <2 variables.


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