Effect of explants, salts concentration medium and hormone treatments on Taxus baccata in vitro culture

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Research Paper 15/09/2014
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Effect of explants, salts concentration medium and hormone treatments on Taxus baccata in vitro culture

Behjat Sasan Baharak, Omidi Mansoor, Naghavi Mohammad Reza, Hariri Akbari Farhad, Kalate Jari Sepideh, Shafiee Mehdi, Shafiee Mohammad
Int. J. Biosci.5( 6), 1-9, September 2014.
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Taxus baccata is an endangered forest tree species with low regeneration. The highest Callus induction (96.67%) was occurred on ½ MS medium which had one-fourth nitrogen (KNO3, NH4NO3) supplemented with glutamine, 1 mg/l 2,4-D and 1 mg/l Kin from stem. The maximum callus size (80.67 mm2) was obtained from leaf culture on ½ MS medium in combination with glutamine, 2 mg/l NAA and 0.2 mg/l Kin. In order to observe cells meristematically, the tissue was transferred to the ½ MS medium supplemented with 0.4 mg/l 2,4-D and 3 BAP for 7-8 weeks. In micropropagation, adding activated charcoal (2 g/l) to the medium increased the average number of new leaves and shoot elongation. The maximum shoot elongation (2.66 cm) and growth new leaves were observed in the MS medium supplemented with 3 mg/l Kin after 1 month. The best Rooting of elongated shoots was obtained in the WPM medium without growth regulators.


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