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Effect of humic substances alone and in combination with micronutrients on potato yield and nutrients status

Research Paper | November 1, 2017

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Ahmad Khan, Raza Ullah Khan, Zameer Khan, Fayyaz Hussain, Atiqullah Khan, Shamim-Ul-Sibtain Shah

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.11( 5), 24-29, November 2017


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A field experiment was conducted at farmer field during 2014 in Sahiwal to see the combined effect of HA and micronutrients on potato yield and nutrients uptake. Experiment consists of six treatments viz full of recommended dose of chemical fertilizer (NPK), CDHA at 30 kg ha-1 along with one third reduced application of recomd. NPK, PDHS at 300 L ha-1 along with one-third reduced application recomd. NPK, CDHA@ 30 kg ha-1) along with one-third recomd. NPK+MN, PDHA (plant derived humic acid) @300 l ha-1 along with one third reduced application recomd. NPK+MN, CDHA@ 200 mg L-1), Foliar along with one third recomd. NPK+MN. The experiment was planted in randomized complete block design having three treatments. The results showed that the highest yield of 23.04 t ha-1 obtained with the application of HA plant material @ 300 l ha-1 along with micronutrients followed by 22.41 t ha-1 with the application of coal HA @ 30 kg ha-1 and 21.16 t ha-1 with PDHA@ 300 L ha-1 along with micronutrients. The control treatment i.e. full NPK gave 18.86 t ha-1. From the study it can be concluded that HSs increased the yield as well as saving 25% in the input cost.


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Effect of humic substances alone and in combination with micronutrients on potato yield and nutrients status

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