Effect of irradiation and packaging on the biochemical and microbiological characteristics of antibiotic free poultry feeds

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Research Paper 01/07/2017
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Effect of irradiation and packaging on the biochemical and microbiological characteristics of antibiotic free poultry feeds

Aurang Zeb, Zulqarnain, Hamid Ullah Shah, Zafar Iqbal, Fazal Mahmood, Nazish Manzoor
Int. J. Biosci.11( 1), 176-181, July 2017.
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Alternative to antibiotics, irradiation is an interesting area of poultry feed research. Present study was conducted to find out the effect of gamma irradiation on the biochemical and microbiological parameters of antibiotic free broiler feed packed in 2 layered bags (PP+PE) in comparison to the local bags (PP) used for the packing of poultry feed. Results indicated that solubility of iron increased as a result of irradiation and 2 layered packaging while solubility of P was much higher than that of Fe. Sodium solubility increased in both the packaging. Among the irradiated samples the highest value of Potassium solubility was recorded in the 2 layered packing. Irradiation reduced the bacterial as well as the fungal load of the samples in both the packing materials while none of the factors brought significant changes in peroxide value of oil.


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