Effect of magnetically induced structural changes in water and cotton seed on germination behavior

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Research Paper 01/10/2015
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Effect of magnetically induced structural changes in water and cotton seed on germination behavior

Babar Ijaz, Muhammad Faisal Umar, Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi, Sadar Uddin Siddiqui
Int. J. Biosci.7( 4), 78-86, October 2015.
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Planting quality seed is a guarantee for optimum plant population and high yield. Cotton crop being grown and processed in hot environments is facing germination problems and climate change will aggravate it day by day. Magnetic treatment of water and seed is a safer option to enhance the seed germination. Water and seed stimulation magnetic devices were used for water and seed were used in this study to check their effect on seed germination with water passing (WP) 0WP, 3WP and 6WP and seed passing (SP) 0SP, 2SP, 4SP and 6SP and their interaction effect. Results revealed that individually both devices have positive effect on seed germination enhancement (18.67% in 3WP and 21.3% in 2SP). The interaction of both treatments (i.e. application of treated water on treated seeds) gave germination enhancement but its pattern was not linear and needs further detailed studies for its understanding and application.


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