Effect of methyl jasmonate elicitation on biomass, gene expression and saponin accumulation in Bacopa monnieri

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Research Paper 01/10/2018
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Effect of methyl jasmonate elicitation on biomass, gene expression and saponin accumulation in Bacopa monnieri

Waranya Bunjan, Kawee Sujipuli, Surisak Prasarnpun
Int. J. Biosci.13( 4), 369-377, October 2018.
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Bacopa monnieri (known as brahmi) is an important medicinal plant in Thailand containing numerous bacoside-saponin compounds and widely used for pharmacological activities. Biosynthesis is regulated by many enzymes and also affected by cellular and environmental factors. The aim of this study was to enhance the biomass (dry weight), key gene expression, and production of saponin in brahmi through the process of methyl jasmonate (MeJA) elicitation. Results showed that a low concentration (100𝜇M) of MeJA treatment had minimal effect and slightly decreased the biomass (dry weight) of the plant (31.3±1.1mg/ plant), compared to untreated MeJA (38.1±2.7 mg/plant). By contrast, higher concentrations of MeJA treatment (200-800𝜇M) resulted in a highly significant decrease in plant biomass. Gene expression of BmAACT was significantly up-regulated at 1-3 hours but started to down-regulate at 6-168 hours after 100µM MeJA-treated brahmi, eventually reaching the normal level of untreated control. BmOSC expression was significantly up-regulated at 6-12 hours but started to down-regulate at 48 hours after 100µM MeJA-treated brahmi, returning to a normal level of untreated control. Bacoside contents (A3, II, X, and C) were significantly increased by low and high concentrations of MeJA treatments after both 7 and 14 days, compared to untreated control. Bacoside accumulations at 14 days after individual MeJA treatment were significantly higher than at 7 days. Results suggested that low concentrations (100-200µM) of exogenous MeJA application could provide a potential protocol for the enhancement of bacoside contents in brahmi seedlings.


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