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Effect of seed priming durations on growth and yield of wheat varieties

Research Paper | July 1, 2017

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Muhammad Asif Panhwar, Ghulam Mustafa Laghari, Maqsood Ahmed Chandio, Fida Hussain Magsi, Sanaullah Mangi, Muhammad Azeem Malik, Naveed Ali Channa, Shafi Muhammad Jariko, Masroor Hassan Solangi, Abdul Rasheed

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.11( 1), 8-16, July 2017


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The results revealed that the crop treated 1.5 hour seed priming proved to be more effective than the treatments with 87.33% seed germination, 88.00 cm plant height, 3.5367 m2 number of tillers, 11.611 cm spike length, 49.667 spikelet’s spike-1, 46.667 grain spike-1, 1.3011 g grain weight spike-1, 46.367 g seed index, 17174 kg ha-1 biological yield, 4322.4 kg ha-1 grain yield and 38.478% harvest index. Wheat crop given 1 hour seed priming ranked second 82.556% seed germination, 85.00 cm plant height, 350.11 m2 number of tillers, 11.37 cm spike length, 47.11 spikelet’s spike-1, 45.33 grain spike-1, 1.2789 g grain weight spike-1, 45.91 g seed index, 11196 kg ha-1biological yield, 4128.9 kg ha-1 grain yield and 37.98% harvest index. While, minimum all parameters recorded at control (no priming) such as reduced 69.22% seed germination, 78.11 cm plant height, 285.89 m2 number of tillers, 9.413 cm spike length, 36.11 spikelet’s spike-1, 35.00 grain spike-1, 0.8089 g grain weight per spike, 39.567 g seed index, 9718 kg ha-1 biological yield, 3141.1 kg ha-1 grain yield and 32.786% harvest index. In varieties, the maximum 82.167% seed germination, 101.25 cm plant height, 347.00 m2 number of tillers, 11.834 cm spike length, 44.917 spikelet’s spike-1, 46.750 grain spike-1, 1.4867 g grain weight spike-1, 46.900 g seed index, 16335 kg ha-1 biological yield, 4238.4 kg ha-1 grain yield, 39.906% harvest index and 1showed by TJ-83. Secondly 80.66% seed germination, 83.75 cm plant height, 325.25 m2 number of tiller, 10.543 cm spike length, 43.900 spikelet’s spike-1, 37.833 grain spike-1, 1.4500 g grain weight spike-1, 44.542 g seed index, 10.676 kg ha-1 biological yield, 38.67.1 kg ha-1 grain yield, 39.668%harvest index and showed by Kiran-95. While from interaction point of view, the maximum 91.33% seed germination, 106.00 cm plant height, 365.00 m2 numbers of tillers, 12.800 cm spike length, 54.00 spikelet’s spike-1, 52.00 grain spike-1, 1.4867g grain weight spike-1, 51.900 g seed index, 34227 kg ha-1 biological yield, 4903.3 kg ha-1 grain yield, 43.370% harvest index and showed by 1.5 hour priming x Kiran-95.


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Effect of seed priming durations on growth and yield of wheat varieties

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