Effect of stocking density on fish growth and feed conversion ratio: A review

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Research Paper 01/08/2020
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Effect of stocking density on fish growth and feed conversion ratio: A review

Shafaq Fatima, Wajeeha Komal, Qandeel Minahal, Shumaila Munir, Razia Liaqat, Humaira Amman
Int. J. Biosci.17( 2), 1-8, August 2020.
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Stocking density is defined as the weight of fish per unit volume of water. Large number of species in any limited space can cause stress or another change in fish physiology. Stress caused by high stocking density would ultimately affects rate of growth, survival, behavior, yield, reproduction and water quality. It is concluded that high stocking density decreased the fish biomass as well as fish length and weight. As the fish stocking density is higher than their specific limit it will automatically cause disturbance in relation to the water quality parameters due to less space and no removal of waste materials has been held which causes diseases or mortality. High stocking density not only affect the growth of fish it also has bad impact on the feed conversion ratio (FCR). FCR also decreased by increasing the stocking density and it also depends on the different type of feed given to the fish. Low stocking density show better FCR. Fish grow properly at optimum stocking density. As stocking density vary from species to species, before stocking any species one must figure out the optimum stocking density to obtain beneficial results. High stocking density is an efficient way to get the high yield if properly controlled. High yield will be obtained at the optimum range.


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