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Effect of storage conditions and periods of conservation in gene bank on seed viability and germination of Acacia tortilis and Acacia raddiana

Research Paper | December 1, 2013

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El-Sayed Mohamed El-Azazi, El-Sayed A. Khalifa, Mohamed M. Sourour, Abd El-Fattah H. Belal, Reda M. Rizk, Naema A. El-Tanger

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 12), 230-237, December 2013


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In Egyptian deserts, Acacia tortilis trees play an important role for biodiversity and Bedouins populations, where they used as source of animal fodder, timber, fuel wood, charcoal, gums and other products as well as contributing to soil stabilization of sand dunes. This work aimed to study the effect of storage conditions and storage periods of preservation in gene bank on germinability and viability of two wild economic native Acacia species, which were collected from two different regions of the Egyptian deserts (Wadi Tekuila – Gabel Elba – Red Sea) and (Gabel El-Halal -North Sinai, Sinai). In these areas, Acacia tortilis trees showed high densities and form forest wadis. Acacia plants are exposed to stresses in their natural habitats as insects which feed on their seeds, anthropogenic pressures and the inability of seeds to germinate normally due to some kinds of seed dormancy. The best value of germination percentage (45%) was recorded when seeds of Acacia tortilis subspecies. raddiana from Elba, were conserved in base room at -22 ⁰C for 24 months.


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Effect of storage conditions and periods of conservation in gene bank on seed viability and germination of Acacia tortilis and Acacia raddiana

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