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Effect of super absorbent gel (hydro gel) usage in the establishment and Survival of Pistacia atlantica Desf. seedlings

Research Paper | September 1, 2013

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F. Noori, M. Khanhasani, H. Zangeneh

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Int. J. Biosci.3( 9), 29-35, September 2013

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/3.9.29-35


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The present study includes the experiment of establishment and survival of Pistacia atlantica seedlings by using super absorbent gel (hydro gel). For this purpose 5 dosages super absorbent gel (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 g), 4 irrigation intervals (no irrigation, 15 day, 30 day, 45 day intervals) and 3 liters of water equally for every seedlings were considered, in which super absorbent is the main plot and irrigation intervals were in subplots. The statistical design was completely random blocks with three replication and collected data were analyzed based on Discriminate Statistic method by software SAS 9/1, Minitab13 and SPSS 15. Results showed that superabsorbent gel is affective in survival and establishment of Pistacia atlantica seedlings by increasing irrigation intervals. Using 20 grams of super absorbent in all stages and 15 days interval irrigation has the maximum impacts on survival and establishment of seedlings. The interesting result was that more than 50% of planted seedlings can be saved by 20 g of super absorbent gel with only 45 days irrigation interval.


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Effect of super absorbent gel (hydro gel) usage in the establishment and Survival of Pistacia atlantica Desf. seedlings

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