Effect of type trap, height and color in attracting and capture of peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata

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Research Paper 01/06/2018
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Effect of type trap, height and color in attracting and capture of peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata

A.H. Abu-Ragheef, R.F. Al-Jassany
J. Bio. Env. Sci.12( 6), 96-101, June 2018.
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The aim of the study is to find the best types, heights and colors of traps used in attracting and catching  Bactrocera zonata The study was conducted in orchard in AL-Jadriya / Baghdad during season of 2017,used  four different types of traps were used, three different heights and four colors of the Jackson traps with sexual pheromone   “Methyl eugenol” in attracting and capture the males of peach fruit fly B. zonata. The results were showed that local trap was the best and caught 110 insects; while the Jackson trap catch 106, Tephritrap was 61 and the red wasp modified trap 16 during the study period. Height results (1.5 , 2.0 and 2.5 m) showed no significant effect on attract of  B. zonata males. Traps colors had significant effect on attracting and catching males of B.zonata. Yellow traps was the best which catched 880 males during study period,while white ,green and red traps catched 826, 707 and 541 males respectively.Based on the results of this study, the Jackson and local trap  in yellow color and white “when put it on 2 m with sexual pheromone” was an affective method to predict B. zonata and estimate its population.


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