Effectiveness of fermented rice bran with coconut water on the growth and yield of pechay

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Research Paper 01/11/2021
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Effectiveness of fermented rice bran with coconut water on the growth and yield of pechay

Jessie Barrera, Elizabeth N Farin
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.19( 5), 24-33, November 2021.
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Biofertilizers are becoming more popular these days since consumers have become more conscious of the food they harvest and eat. The study assessed the effectiveness of fermented rice bran on the growth and yield of pechay as fertilizer. Fermented rice bran is made up of the following mixed substrates: Rice bran (kg), Coconut water (gal), Brown sugar as substitute of molasses (tbsp) with the following level of concentrations: Control (T1), 250ml/L of water (T2), 500ml/L of water (T3), and 1,000ml/L of water (T4) which are applied in the two variety of pechay: Black Behi (V1) and Pavito (V2). Fermented liquid produced is a biofertilizer which involves microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that help in the availability of essential macronutrients and improve plant absorption in the leaves and soil. Based on the study, the increase in growth and yield parameters are attributed greatly to the fermented rice bran level of concentrations and the variety of pechay. The highest significant effect, correlation, and cost and return analysis among parameters are obtained when applied with 500ml/L of water (T3). This is followed by 250ml/ L of water (T2), 1,000ml/ L of water (T4), and Control (T1). Likewise, other research findings, biofertilizer like fermented rice bran can be an economic, environmental-friendly, and effective source of nutrients for crops like pechay, because it utilizes agricultural waste as substrates for biofertilizer production.


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