Effectiveness of poultry litter as fertilizer for rice cultivation: prospect of organic fertilizer in Bangladesh

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Research Paper 01/03/2015
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Effectiveness of poultry litter as fertilizer for rice cultivation: prospect of organic fertilizer in Bangladesh

Md. Khayul Alam Bhuiyan, Abdul Kadir Ibne Kamal, Fahad Ahmed, Md. Khabir Uddin
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 3), 8-15, March 2015.
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Advances in knowledge and technology over recent decades favor the growth and intensification of poultry production in developing countries, simultaneously accumulation of large amount of wastes, especially manure and litter, generated by intensive production causes a major environmental problem. This study deals with the effectiveness of poultry litter as organic fertilizer for rice production. For that reason, the chemical characteristics viz Potassium (k), Total Nitrogen (N), Ammonium (NH4-N), Phosphorus (P) and the proficiency of broiler and layer poultry litter were determined. Five broiler poultry litter and five layer poultry litter samples were analyzed. The investigation shows that average concentration of Phosphorus (as P2O5) are 3.6%, 2.5%; Total N are 1.6% ,1.7% ; Ammonium (NH4-N) are 0.4%,0.8% and Potassium (as K2O) are 1.5% ,1.3% found in broiler and layer poultry litter respectively. Potassium (k), Total Nitrogen (N), Ammonium (NH4-N) values are in standard level of organic fertilizer, but Phosphorus (P) values are exceeded the standard level of organic fertilizer. This study is believed to serve that poultry litter can be used as alternative of chemical fertilizer to enhance the rice production and effective strategy to manage the excessive poultry waste.


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